Convention 2010!

It was awesome.

Have you ever been?  If not, you should immediately join my downline and we can go together next year!!!  No I’m not kidding!!!

I am going to post for a while about some of my favorite things that I was able to see while attending.  I took a few pictures. . .okay, nearly 2000 pictures. . .so as I sort thru them and pick my favorites I will share :)

After all, that was the theme this year. . .Share what you Love!  And I don’t think it would come as a surprise to *anyone* who has ever been to my blog:  I love Stampin’ Up!

Check out my new bag!

SUConvention 020.5

Before I share any samples, I want to share about who I was able to go with this year.

I had three downline able to attend!  From the left:

Karen, Miriam, and Jen

SUConvention 022.5

Karen and Miriam got their “My first convention” pins :)

 SUConvention 001

We all stamp together at home, but hanging out for Convention is something altogether different :)  We had an amazing time!

SUConvention 173.5

We got to eat out at yummy restaurants. . .

SUConvention 175.5

We had to take the bus tour to Riverton, for those who had never been!

SUConvention 306

Here we are in front of the fountain. . .a classic “I’ve been there” picture!


SUConvention 286

And if you don’t have a goofy picture of yourself posing here:

SUConvention 297.5 

You have not yet had “the full demonstrator experience”. . .

If you were there, you get that little inside joke :)

Last but not least, this picture is for my upline:

SUConvention 414.5

She loves Brent Steele!  Okay, who doesn’t???

I had to give him a hard time. . .he has people hounding him for his autograph all thru convention!  He confided that it is a bit of a reality check when he gets home and no one wants him to sign anything :)

I think that is enough sharing for one day!  I hope you get a chance to go to convention as a Stampin’ Up demonstrator next year.  It is a memorable experience, and a whole lot of good times!  If you are interested in finding out how you can get in on the fun, let me know asap!

Look for some awesome sample photos and more tomfoolery to follow. . .