I am a blog slacker :)

I need to write more. . . So much has been going on.

I just got back from my "girls weekend" with the women in my husband's family. What a blast! I left on Friday, and didn't get back until yesterday afternoon. I haven't been gone that long since a year ago! It was nice to be entirely free of responsibility for two days.

Apparently when my daughter got up on Sunday and found out I wouldn't be home until that afternoon, her exact words were "I'm going back to bed."! She was not pleased! Not that I want her to be unhappy, but she really missed mom. *sniffle* I love that :)

The previous weekend was my Designer Label Punch box class. LOVE that punch box! It went really well, and the girls seemed to really like the cards we made. I am so looking forward to the March Stamp-a-Stack. Polka dots and Paisley is too cute! I can't believe they are letting us get Simply Sent card kits with the half-off special! Too much of a good thing can be wonderful :)

One of these days, I will post some pictures on here. . .as of right now, I am fifteen minutes from having to leave the house, and I have a mask on my face and look pretty scary. . . .gotta go!


Busy days. . .

I am running and running lately. . .today was no exception. I did get to take a long hot shower, and no one was at the house but me! I can't remember the last time that happened. I must have been in there for 30 minutes. An excellent way to start the day :)

Our first daytime MOPS meeting today! New faces, familiar faces, some helpful reminders. . .I loved it. It is so nice to be in the company of like minded women. If our only mutual goal is to be the best parent we can be-it is enough.

We talked about "identity" at the meeting. About the differences and similarities between the woman you were before children-and the woman you become after childbirth. An interesting question, as my life is NOTHING like it was before becoming a mother. However, mySELF? As it is after eleven pm, I am going to think about this-but not right this moment. In the meantime, if you are a mother-find a MOPS group. It rocks.

Must prepare for this weekend. Stamping extravaganza awaits!