It is late. . . .

And I am tired :)

However, it has been ages since I have posted and this is the minute I have to do it! I wish I had pictures to upload of cards, but no luck. I need to take some, but not tonight! I do have a picture of one of my latest pottery projects. I made a birdbath for the "Deskcovering Dreams" fundraiser that the Alma Explore Program is putting on. They are raising money for their after school programs, so I volunteered to make a "desk". They said I could do anything I wanted :) Soooo, it isn't a desk anymore! I had fun with it.

I am currently working on the projects for my marker club get together. I JUST finished my swaps for Debbie's #12 this morning! I am actually three days before the postmark deadline! It is a miracle :) Once I get these four cards made I need to work on the three I need for Stamp Camp and then it is on to my Hostess Appreciation Party projects. . . Yay! I am excited to give my ladies a bunch of goodies for being the best customers ever.

Okay, just one more card then I can go to bed :) g'Nite!