Founder's Circle day 4 part 1

What an awesome day!

It began with some serious sleeping in :) I have been on vacation, but have been up by 6am every day as well as being up late. . .*yawn*. . . kinda like right now!

Anyhoo, when I finally did get downstairs I did my make and takes with Shelli finishing her swaps. . .It was weird stamping with her across the table from me! Not an everyday experience, ya' know???

I later did some stamping with some other stampers you may recognize. . . See anyone familiar?

Btw, Glenda. . .you are the best. Thank you so much for all you did to make that Zion trip happen, and for keeping an eye on us newbies! It was a pleasure to meet you.

Later that afternoon it was quick getting ready so we could go to our special dinner, which turned out to be at Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club--also where High School Musical 2 was filmed :)

Wow! Such a spectacular setting. . .

Here is a picture of the clubhouse:

We had our group picture taken on the steps on the back side of the clubhouse, which SU is going to send me.

They had a big movie screen set up, and a sea of black chairs, and my final treat from Founder's Circle. . .

a Pirouette Pink chenille throw!

Unfortunately I have negative amounts of space in my suitcase, so this is going to be traveling with me to be used as a pillow on the airplane :)

This is about the seventh picture taken with Shelli, and I actually like this one! It was pretty funny, and I think she was laughing at me in this picture. . .but hey, I don't want to put a bad picture on my blog! It was only a matter of time before I got one that I was happy with, right?!?

Honestly, all the nice things they say about Shelli are true. She really is that nice, and just a very genuine person. Thanks so much for the experience, Shelli! Hope to stamp with you again soon :)

So, we dined alfresco on a caprese salad appetizer, leafy salad, and pizza. . .which pretty much means we had pizza and salad outside :) Some girl time with a chick flick and a comfy blanket!

Popcorn was served in rolled up Parisan Summer DSP, but by the time I got mine it was too dark to take a picture. . .so I will have to hijack one from another blog so I can show you how cute it was! We had fun, and now I am exhausted and need to pack. I have to be on a bus at 6am for Vegas. . .Yikes!

And last but not least-as promised:

Hi Sweetheart!!!

I am so excited to give you a big hug! Can't wait to get home and see my girls :)


Founders Circle day 3 part 2

First thing this morning, we were off on buses to the manufacturing facility in Kanab.

I must say, I was blown away after touring this facility! I really had no idea the time and process involved in the making of our well loved stamps. It makes an impression!

The reason you will not see any pictures of the inside, is that you aren't supposed to take any pictures in the manufacturing area. . .trade secrets and all ;)

Hey, I know some trade secrets!

This hangs outside the employee entrance. It reads:

"Through these doors walk the very finest stamp manufacturers in the world."

I don't work for just any company :) I work for the best baby!

You may not be able to see any pictures of the inside of the building, but you *can* see what is left of a stamp set after it has been die cut. . . by me! I got to use a big daddy die cut machine and cut out a "Crazy for Cupcakes" stamp set! I have to say, I do love me a good die cut machine :)

I think I will stick with the big shot tho'!

Afterward, the traditional stop at Denny's Wigwam for take home stuff. . .apparently that is a traditional *must do* every year.

The fudge was super good (thanks Anne-Marie ), and that is coming from someone who worked on Mackinac Island for two years when I was young-so you can believe me :)

The bus ride was approximately two hours, with some fun games on the way back. . .I won a package of Washington Apple Designer Series Paper, and a package of Button Bouquet. Bonus!

This was the view from the van window, if you can even believe it! Such a beautiful place to be.

We went to dinner afterward at a little Italian place, that had some great food.

Phew! I am pooped!

I get to sleep in tomorrow, and have no plans other than stamping my make and takes. I did bring a scrapbooking kit with me, so maybe I will get some pages made too!

I hope to pick the brains of any stamping divas that cross my path tomorrow. . .wish me luck!

Founders Circle Day 3 part 1

More bed candy!

I think when I get home, if my hubby doesn't leave me little presents on my pillow I am going to feel unappreciated . . .

Okay, so maybe I should be leaving them on *his* pillow, because he is the one at home with the kids so I can be here :) But I don't think he would enjoy them half as much as I have been this week. . .

This first picture is a little fuzzy, but I was in such a hurry to get it open that I only took one. Sorry!

SU knows how to make a girl feel special, I can tell you that!

My initial in chipboard with pink ink and lotsa glitter :)

As if I didn't love this pink pirouette ribbon before!

Every time I look at it I am going to think of presents, and this trip. I will have to tie a piece to my keychain so I can remember every day how awesome this whole experience has been.

And my initial with pink paper and lotsa silver glitter! On a fabulous link necklace!

Shelli was wearing one the other day, and I noticed how awesome it was . . .little did I know :)

The top glass is beveled, as you can see. These were definitely made just for us! This baby has some weight to it, too.

I noticed I hadn't posted my name badge yet. . .It is in a folded wallet, with a clear pocket in the front. All the '08 rising stars had a little yellow star next to their name.

I hope you are enjoying these pictures! Some of you have mentioned that it is nice to see "what's up" over here, and I figure my girls back home for sure want to know ;) I really had no expectations-simply because I had no idea what founder's circle was.

I am overwhelmed, and just so thankful! What an amazing experience!


Founders Circle Day 2 part 2

I showed you the super cute stamp set, but here are some samples from the sample board in the hospitality room:

Some 3x3's

The butterfly in this set reminds me of a small version of the one on the cover of the Idea Book:

Aren't they so awesome!

Also, another picture from Zion National Park:

I have a ton of great pictures to post later. . .I am about to head out to dinner, and tonight I will show you my presents from SU! today! Seriously fabulous!

Founders Circle Day 2 part 1

Mmmmmm. . . . bed candy!

Apparently, one of SU!'s favorite things to do is leave you little surprises in your room. Here you see the new pink pirouette wallet to match my founders purse!

And we got extra presents at the pj party! (As if swapping with 120+ women wasn't present enough. . .Holy lots of cards!) We received beautiful journals with matching pens!

Here is a picture of the lovely make and takes we will be doing (I haven't had a chance to stamp mine yet. . .). I will take some closer pictures when I have my own projects made.

Last but not least, a picture of where I spent most of the day. . .Mt Zion national park:

It was so gorgeous! A group of us took a shuttle to the park. It was about a 45 minute drive. I had an awesome day! And now I am going to crash :) 8am I am out the door to see Kanab!

I will share more tomorrow!


Founders circle Day 1 part 3!

So, I was too tired last night to tell you about dinner!
We had a wonderful room full of beautiful tables. . .pink pirouette, black and white everywhere :) And something totally unexpected and so awesome happened.

A small group of us were sitting down, and there were three empty seats at our table. In walks Shelli and her mom, and just take a seat right there! I had the best time! We were talking babies and family, etc, and her mom is just the sweetest thing :)

I think Tiffany got a picture of all of us together. . .if so I will post it when I get a copy!
Here is our very tasty pudding and fresh fruit dessert:

and of course, the best dessert of all was back in my room! Is this travel bag not adorable!

Loaded with goodies for our make and takes! I will most likely make these tomorrow.

I will be back later to tell you all about my trip to Zion National Park :)


Founders Circle Day 1 part 2 . . .

Okay, so I can't wait to show you this :)

Is this not the cutest thing ever! It is my name in vinyl!

and my gorgeous room with two beds. . .I am going to have to flip a coin :)

We played a little game and got a free stamp set!

They did put the baby bed in here *sniffle*. . .and everyone was asking where she was. They even had this super cute little onsie made for her! SU is so awesome :)

Dad, Regan, and Avery. . .I miss you !

Founders Circle Day 1 part 1!

I made it!
And it is already super fun!

So, I am in my room and have to "pump" (you babies' mommas know what I mean ;) so I thought I would make the time go faster by sharing my kewl pictures. . .

I found Tiffany (who is a fellow rising star-#1-go girl!) at the Vegas airport. . . this is us riding to St George, Utah on the shuttle bus. . .lots of time to chat with the other demos, too!

The super cute Hospitality room, done in pink pirouette accents!

and the Treat Buffet!! So yummy. . .

They had super cute tags on everything, too! In my next post, I will show you the awesome door tag that was on my hotel room, as well as some pictures from dinner tonight. . .

And my free stamp set! Woot!

I will be back later :)


A quick post before I leave :)

This card is one we made at my Upline's meeting. . .isn't it cute!

I don't know who made the first scallop punch ladybug, but thank you for this super cute idea! I hadn't seen this before the meeting, but I have since spotted it on Linda Guiterrez's blog. I am sure it is all over splitcoast, but it was new to me :)

The ladybug is made using four scallop circles. These are from Washington Apple Designer series paper. . . so cute! Her little head is a 1in circle, and antennae are a 1/4in circle each.

The sentiment is from flight of the butterfly. What a sweet thing to say!

Other stuff: R Riding hood paper and striped ribbon, So Saffron paper, scallop edge punch, basic black ink. . .did I get everything?

I am off to Grand Rapids today, and flying out to Utah in the morning!!!!!

I am going to really try and work it out so I can bring my laptop with me. . .I am figuring out the luggage situation right now, so we will see how it goes. If you don't hear from me, I couldn't make it work! Here's hoping :)


I really wanted to do something fun for my Daughter for school. . .

I used shiny white acrylic paint for the Inspired by Nature flower image, and black acrylic paint for the letters. The alphabet used was Schoolbook Serif. I really like how it turned out.

It was, however, my second attempt :)

The first one I used a different alpha, and I did NOT like it. . .I also tried using stazon and filling in with a sharpie (this worked last year, but the alpha was really thin) and it ended up bleeding sharpie ink. Not cool. So I pitched it and bought a new one.

The good part is they are only $5 at Walmart! Bonus :)

There was a little rubber tab on the backpack, and I put a flower brad on it. Just punched a hole with the crop-a-dile. What did I do before I had that tool??? I love that thing :)

Pretty in pink grograin and filigree brads were used as the zipper pulls. Regan Luuuuuvs that part :) I have to say, I really like how it turned out.

I just pulled both ends of the ribbon thru and knotted it.

As far as I know, Walmart only has pink backpacks. . . .in case you were wondering. My Upline went looking today and couldn't find a $5 black one. Bummer!


And to wrap it up for today. . .

A little something stamped :)

My daughter is turning 6 years old next week (*sniffle*) and we are having a little get together. A bit smaller than she would like, as we are not inviting everyone she has ever met. . .

The invitation uses the set Perfect Princess. I chose a relatively simple design, as I had to make twenty of these last Thursday to pass out on Friday. . . .*ahem*

Yes, it would have been easier to start a month ago--but that just wouldn't be me :)

The card front was cut using my new most fabulous BIG SHOT die cut machine!

*fanning myself* It is sooooo fun :)

The little butterfly was punched out with the 1inch circle punch. If you are just making a few of these. . .please put glitter on the little wings! and on the flowers, too.

Those poor things are naked--at the rate I had to make them there would have been a cloud of dazzling diamonds. My baby girl would have looked like a disco ball :)

Mmmmm. . .pretty in pink taffeta :)

I used the slot punch to thread the ribbon thru, and it goes all the way around.

I have been stamping, but haven't had the time to post anything. . .but never fear! I am going to try and post at least once a week. It will probably be more than that, but I don't want to dissapoint! We shall see what the little one allows, okay?

Here is a little teaser:

I am making my birthday girl something special for her room using the Pennant die for the Big Shot . . .exclusive to Stampin' Up :) I will keep you posted on my progress!

One last thing. . . .


No, I am not kidding!!! You can shop on my website! Is that not the coolest!

Head over to my website and check it out!!! Just click the shop now button in the upper right corner. . .I have my own online storefront! WooT!

Go check out the new digs, even if you don't plan on buying, and let me know what you think. I am super excited that you can even just go and browse! I love to do that online. . .just check everything out . . .

Well. . .sorry there was such a flurry of activity today! I think that has me all caught up, and now it will be just regular posts. Feels good to be back in the saddle! Hope to see you again soon, and that I didn't scare you off ;)