February Class Schedule

Valentine's Day Mailbox Class:

Where: The Book Shoppe (I can give directions to all who have never been there)

When: Saturday, February 3rd at 10am

Cost: $15 for the first mailbox, $7 for each additional mailbox

What to bring: adhesive and scissors

R.S.V.P. Wednesday, January 31st

We will be decorating a tin mailbox (~3.5in x 5in) and making five projects to go inside. The perfect gift item for your child/grandchild/niece/nephew/etc., or make yourself one for your desk or decoration! The goodies inside will be great inspiration for your valentines for school, or for handing out to family and friends. There will be an assortment of paper there for you to choose from, so you can personalize your gift to yourself or someone you care about! I have a limited number of mailboxes, so R.S.V.P. right away if you want in.

Stamp Camp:

Where: The Book Shoppe

When: Monday, February 12th, 6pm

Cost: $10

What to bring: adhesive and scissors

R.S.V.P. Friday, February 9th

We will be making three cards using the latest stamps and accessories. I will be demonstrating the use of a particular tool (at this camp) that will help you with perfect placement of your stamps EVERY TIME! Let's have a cup of coffee and make beautiful cards.


Designer Label Punch Box:

Where: The Book Shoppe

When: Saturday February 17th, 10am

Cost: $50

What to bring: adhesive and scissors

R.S.V.P. February 5th

If you place a ten dollar order with your registration to this class, I will get you a Sell-a-Bration set FREE. (Don't ask me why, other than I lub u guys :) I always have a door prize at these, so you could potentially get TWO free sets.

You will get the label punch box, and six projects. The punch box consists of the designer label punch, six stamps that coordinate, three ink spots (1x1 mini ink pads) perfect for inking these stamps, and a super cute tin to keep everything in. . .plus the projects! I will also make an assortment of things for you to check out using the punch box.

Just sent out my class list for Feb. . .

I am so excited! The mailboxes are going to be soooo cute. . .I am going to play around with those later today. When I get one finished, I will post a picture. I will probably get started on Label Punch samples also, as I have finally decided on a date to do that class. I will post the class info on here in a bit. . .

I REALLY wanted to get everyone that punch box! It is so nice, and I love mine. I went to someone's tag punch box class last year, and remember just being so excited about it. I hope everyone feels that about my classes when they leave :)

Regan and I went to lunch with Nancy and Caroline today. So fun! Nancy mounted her first Stampin' Up set today (better yet, it was the door prize from "Love Matters" so it was free!). Okay, okay, I kinda went on auto pilot and mounted most of it. . . I am a little OCD about mounting stamps! But she can mount her new ones when they get here in the mail :) Sorry Nancy! Next time just grab the scissors out of my hand!

Alright, I need to get busy. . .


1 800 call me. . .

If you called my house today, it would sound like you dialed the wrong number!

My voice is shot. . .I think the workshop on Saturday put me over the edge, but it was worth it :) Everyone seemed to be happy with the projects, and enjoy the atmosphere. Thanks Lisa~Maybe we can spend some time at the Book Shoppe more often! What a great place to spend the day. I am so glad we used "Love Matters" for that class. . .I am crazy about that set.

Time finish putting the supplies away, and maybe do some stamping for this weekend. Erin's workshop is on Saturday, and I am really looking forward to it! I think we are going to have a blast. (Poor Gracie . . . I hope she is feeling better today)


Who Knew???

I am officially a blogger. I didn't intend on starting this today, but once I sit down at the computer anything can happen!

I wanted a place I could share things. Art, ideas, thoughts, rambling or otherwise. This could be fun! We shall see. . .