Amazing Deal this Month!

Wow! I am completely blown away by the promotion this month!

If you have ever considered the benefits of being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator,
even if it is only for the Freebies and the Continual Discount of products???
How about another $100.00 of stuff for free?!?!

Here is a scenario of my end of the
conversations I will be having this month. . . .

Here have a Big Shot Die Cut Machine!
It's the best thing since, well, anything!

Don't want one? (Crazy, but Okay. . .)

Ohhhh, you already HAVE one! (that explains it!)

Well here-just choose 100.00 of
whatever you want instead.

Yes, you heard me right.

No, you don't have to demonstrate anything. Ever!

No you don't have to buy anything else. Ever!
But if you do want to, it is at a minimum 20% discount!

Yes, I am in complete control of all my faculties.

No, I agree, there really isn't a downside!


Here is where YOU say:

Let me test my understanding here. . . .
You mean, you are giving me a ton of stuff for about 40% off retail. . .
and then you are going to give me 100.00 to spend on

I think I love you. <3

If you would like specific details or have questions
you would like answers to, I would love to make everything
crystal clear for you. There really is nothing to lose here!

You are basically shopping with a GIGANTIC coupon this month :)

You can sign up in moments on my Stampin' Up Website
(just click on Join now, and make your selections,
my password is "spinner"), or give me a call/email and we can chat specifics.

Have a fabulous October!

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