Digital Scrapbooking!

I've never shared an MDS (My Digital Studio)
page on my blog before??

How can that be?

I made an entire calendar last year for family
Christmas gifts, which they loved.

Or so they tell me! LOL

It is a software program that lets you turn
your favorite photos into something

Then you get to make whatever you want
from it! Like what? Calendar pages, drop in pages
for your scrapbooks, journals, the list goes
on and on! Plus you get hostess benefits on both the
Product *and* the professional printing! Hubba Wha?

I could talk your ear off for a while, but instead
I will say Pretty Please just ask if you have
any questions about this versatile and fun product!

I have decided to share my pages from last
year with you, but first this page from this year. . .

We had so much fun this year with our
Nightmare Before Christmas theme!

Our favorite Halloween Movie EVER.
Okay, that and the Wizard of Oz.

Technically not a Halloween movie,
but that is always when we watch it!

Check out my babies:

Shock and Zero!
Can you even STAND IT!

And what's more? I actually made the
costumes (for the kids) this year, which I never do.

It was fun!
And speaking of fun. . . I will share with you:

It snowed half a foot two days
before Halloween! Crazy!

My baby (okay, she's three-sniff) was splashing
in the wet puddles everywhere. . .

This one was taken by the photographer who
was at my Hubby's company party.

We won the couple's costume contest!

And finally, a messy favorite of mine :)

Hope I didn't bore you! We love
Halloween around here.

Can't wait for next year :)


juniperbarn said...

Wow, those costumes were amazing! Oh, and the digital layout isn't too shabby either! Great work, as always!

Debra said...

Wonderful and fun Robin. I love all of it.

Dawn Marie said...

Love your scrapbook page! And your costumes are GREAT!Hugs!