Take a deep breath. . .

Because I think the holidays are officially over!

At least until Valentine's Day :) But shhhh, that
isn't until February 14th. . . .right??

Okay, so you don't have time to take
a deep breath! LOL

Sorry, had to tease. I can't believe
how quickly time passes for me these
days. Especially now that my babies aren't
babies anymore. . . .

This calendar page was made using
a picture from my youngest's 3rd
birthday dinner:

Medieval Times Rocks.

And this page was taken last summer
at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore:

a.k.a. Heaven on Earth

Seriously, if you have never been?
Put it on your bucket list.

And then my big girl is
featured on her birthday month:

She is turning ten this year.
I won't be speaking of it again, because
it is a point of stress in my life!

Double digits???


Kathy W said...

great MDS pages

Emma F said...

I <3 your pages. I think we need to get together and you can show me MDS. After Leadership, I think I'm going to 'have to' get it!!!!