Our littlest girl :)

She is pretty tiny :)

20 weeks yesterday. . .

As of 4pm yesterday, we were informed that they were "pretty sure" that it is a girl :)

My husband confirms that there wasn't any extra "Stuff" that he could see.

And Regan just kept saying "awww. . .look at the little knee. . . .awwww. . . look at the little hand. . . .awwww look at the little foot. . . ."

It kept making me laugh, therefore making the baby bounce around. It was a blast! I am so glad she is old enough to appreciate the anticipation and excitement of a new little one on the way. Finally :)

According to the ulrasound person (who must have been a "big deal" as everyone kept coming in and asking her questions on whether or not things were right or what to do) everything is looking good in there, and nothing obvious to worry about. WooT! Must be all those prayers we are sending up every night for our baby to be "big and strong". (apparently he heard Regan wishing all those times for a "baby sister", too :)

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the mccann clan said...

Congratulations! How exciting. God bless your growing family... and may you still have time to stamp! tee hee! :)

<3 Janelle (SCS: janellemccann)