Gotta give props to the IBC

There are so many fantastic samples in the catalog!

I think people can really identify with the simplicity of the designs, and want to create them for themselves. Which is what happened here. . .I was approached by a neighbor/customer that lives down the street a bit, who asked me if I could have a class for her and some friends. They wanted to make this mat for a picture frame.

"Of course!"

It really couldn't be more simple to put together. . .and *everyone* who sees it at my house, as well as at workshops (and I take it to every one), has really liked it. Demos-If you don't have something like this in your samples, I highly recommend it. For everyone else. . .my family loves this! It would make a wonderful gift. You could personalize it for babies, or newlyweds, etc. . .

This amazing photo was taken by Sara Anthony, who maybe once a year comes up to my neck of the woods. . .thank goodness. She is amazing! According to her website, she is based out of the Atlanta, GA area. Check her out!

The paper behind the photo is So Saffron Designer Series paper, the set: Think happy thoughts. You can get the colors right out of the IBC (I believe this sample was in last year's catalog), but they are pomegranate and brocade blue. The ribbon is Sherbet Ribbon Originals. . . also a little saffron brad on there. Super easy

I don't know if you can see it. . .but there are little fingerprint smudges on there :)

This happens to be one of my daughter's most prized possessions. When I have to leave for an overnight stay, it finds itself on the table next to her bed. . .I love that!

We had this taken right before we had our hair chopped off:

Myself-18 inches, my Daughter-12 inches

Donated, of course. Why else would you shear yourself like that! If you have never done this, please consider it! You may have heard of Locks of Love, but Wigs for Kids doesn't charge the kids *anything* for their wig. . .so pick them!!!

My daughter was fine at the time, and she understood what we were doing and why. . .

Unfortunately she now lives in fear that I will make her do it again.

Apparently braids are a big deal, and not being able to have them for a while was traumatic. I want to say this was taken 1.5 years ago, so our hair has grown out quite a bit. I think my blog photo is shortly after it was cut. So, above my shoulders. . .and for her. . .at her chin :) Big change!

I have already reassured her. . .we will wait until it is longer so we don't have to go *quite* so short next time! However. . .we *will* be doing it again. (this was her first time, my second)

I have a year or two to talk her into it :)

Have a great weekend!


Karen said...

What a nice project and I'll have to check out Wigs for Kids. I donated to Locks for Love about 8 years ago and am currently growing my hair out to donate it again and I didn't realize that kids had to pay for their wigs! Will have to do a better job researching these thing--thanks!

InspiredByInk said...

Hi Robin! LOVe the picture and the mat! It looks like the circles are on the outside of the glass, but is the ribbon too?

Thanks for the info!

Bobbie :)

Debbi said...

What a super project with great memories!

Stacy said...

That is really cute (and a great picture) and super easy. I'm a demo, I'll have to make myself one of those to take along with me. Thanks for everything you share. You really inspire me since we have a similar style.

Mollie said...

Darling! What a fun project to do. I love your and your daughter's hair! Amazing and how wonderful of you both to donate to such a worthy cause:o)

Robin said...

Hi :)

Bobbie, looking at the pictures it does appear that the circles are on the outside of the glass. . .but they are behind it.

I chose a frame (at Wal-mart) that had a wooden mat already inside it (there are other frames that are "deeper" like this) so there is about 3/8in or so of room on the inside.

I wanted everything on the inside of the glass to keep it clean. Even tho' it isn't very clean usually :) It would probably be *much* worse from handling if there was anything outside the glass!

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Ladies :)

Anonymous said...

The picture frame is a great idea!!

Nicole said...

I love the picture and the mat, Robin. And how wonderful that you're teaching your daughter at a young age to help people in need!

Desirée said...

Love the photo frame - the photo is on top of the So Saffron DSP, right? Otherwise, I'm wondering how to cut a really nice hole in the paper!

Sharon Graham said...

Nice project and it seems pretty easy to do. Thanks for the inspiration!

The photo is beautiful too. I'll have to explore Wigs for Kids. My son's hair is getting really long and that might motivate him to cut it.

Robin said...

Desiree, the photo *is* on top of the DSP. . .have fun :)