some accessories info!

Pretties Kit:
it comes w/prima flowers...50
white half back pearls
cream " " "
white round pearls w/ holes
Cream " " "
clear beads
round beads w/ center hole
round beads w/ side hole
clear rhinestone brads
and a few more

Vintage Brads are back in different shapes. 8.95 for black Silver, Antique Brass and Pewter. 3 circles, (2 look kind of hammered)and the silver is oval now

"Build a brad"...."punch half in. circle of designer paper or stamp custom image to build your own brad".... "2 choices...antique brass or pweter"... $9.95......for 24 ea. brad base and acrylic bubble

Pearl Ex appears to be gone.

Stampin. Stack in Store just like the color caddy but round!

This is going to be my last post for today, ladies. Hope you like the info :) I am so excited to see the catalog! I will see if I can post more later.


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N. said...

Hi Robin,

I wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for all of the info, the inspiration, the ;-)s and all the rest... I really love your Hostess Appreciation cards, too - I haven't done little ones but it looks like fun!

See you later! Nancy