Awww. . .my Sweetie

Tootie McFloofer (don't ask. . .)
Pumpkin Pie

Here she is, working diligently on her valentines to give out to friends at school

Who knew she was such a wizard with a gel pen??? Not I. Nor do I know how she ended up a leftie. . .Not a leftie in the bunch as far as I know.

Here are the finished pencil cases:

We used this way cute sample/template designed by Laurie Schmidlin. Thanks, Laurie!

The part I *really* wish I had a picture of, is the white gel ink on the end of her nose and all over her hands when she was finished! I was too quick with the wipes--I will have to come up with another gel pen project soon.

We made these cards with her classmates:

Just decoupage with watered down elmers glue and tissue paper. . .we will be stamping the sentiment today in class. (Thanks for all your help yesterday, Katrine!)

There was some serious paper curling going on as they were drying, hence the staple "kisses" in the corners.

These are gift buckets for her teachers, the principal and the secretary:

Everything not SU! on these buckets was purchased at Wal-Mart.

And then last night. . .she says "What about Mrs. Johnston, Mom?"

And I say, "Mrs. Johnston is the fifth/sixth grade teacher honey. . .the kids in her class will get her something nice."

Oh, who am I kidding? I wouldn't want to discourage generosity, right??

I made these for the other teachers in her school. Just so Regan would have something to give them. . .nothing too involved. . . on occasion I can restrain myself. Rare occasions :)

Can I just make a card now?


Marilyn said...

Robin you are so hilarious - loved reading your blog!! So glad I've found you!! I didn't go to bed last night until well after midnight toiling on Valentine projects for my kids classes, and well - yours are awesome!! What a great idea to do the pencil cases - maybe I can do that for Easter... Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas!!

Erin said...

Such cute projects!! valentine's day is really quite a bit of work!! My daughter's name is also Reagan, different spelling though!

Crystal said...

We call our oldest Pumpkin Pie too! Thanks for the comment on my bike card Robin...sorry it's not a swap card :(

Jennifer Orbaker said...

All your Valentine projects are great! The kids and teachers will love them! Thanks for the link to the pencil holders, I might try that for Easter too!

*Jenni* said...

Where on earth did you find those buckets!? Too cute!

Jana Emmert said...

What great projects and what an adorable little cutie! I'm giving you an Excellent Blogger Award. Check my blog:

Jennifer said...

Fantastic job on all the projects!

Nicole said...

What fantastic Valentines! And your daughter is a cutie!

Laura Roth said...

Your daughter did an amazing job! Congrats to her!!!