There's that Darn paper again :)

I just can't help myself from using this paper!

I made a little band-aid tin for a birthday girl. . .
She just turned two!

So of course I used about a half bottle of Tombo Multi Glue. . .and Fray Check on the ends of all the ribbon. (Which worked beautifully, btw)

Don't freak out when you first put it on there, as it looks really wet. I tried to use *very* little. . .but on one particular end. . . .weeeellllll. . .lets just say it crawled up at least 1/4in! I was a bit worried (okay, so I was freaking out. . .the tin was finished and I thought I wrecked it), but it dried completely clear and I couldn't even tell I had put it on there! WooT!

Hopefully it will last a while. She is two, so lets not hold our breath on that one. Either way, I had fun making it for her! I also have a special order for a bigger one. Her sister will be having her birthday next month. . .as she is a "big sister" she *must* have a bigger tin, right??

It's the rules.

(I am trying to learn said rules, as I will soon have a "big" and a "little" -- Yay :)

On a side note, a couple of princesses made a guest appearance. . .

How old do you have to be to work at Disney, anyway???

Later :)

I thought I should mention. . . If you have previously attempted to leave me a comment, to no avail. . .please try again!!! I didn't realize I had my settings restricted. Sorry if that was confusing!

And here I thought you just didn't like me. . .

Thanks, Britta, for bringing that to my attention!


Stacey Moore said...

What a darling little tin! Any little girl would be pleased to get it!

*Jenni* said...

That tin is waaaay cute!! Lovin' the paper too!

Nicole said...

Cute tin! Glad to know about the Fray Check... thanks!