How cool that they give you a picture cd now! I love that I can share this picture with you :)

My sweet little lady.

They had a poetry reading on Friday, where each child in her school would recite their poem (from memory) on stage with a microphone in front of students and parents. Let me tell you-I did NOT think she was going to do this! But there she was, a little unsure, holding her teacher's hand (thank you, Kristi :) reciting "The puppy ran off with my slippers" by Jack Prelutsky.

You did it, Regan! I am so proud of you!


mousekemom said...

She's beautiful, Robin! We have to pay for our photo CDs...$20!!! Both your girls are just adorable.

Jennifer Orbaker said...

Very pretty picture! What a big girl!

Tiffany Bauer said...

She is so sweet!!! She looks just like you Robin!!