A little something. . .

I made this while playing around with my ribbon, making Regan's banner. . .

I have something specific in mind :)

I will show you when I finish part two of this project!

I just used a needle and thread, with one of the scallop circles of fabric I had left from the banner and my pink pirouette striped ribbon.

Let me assure you, I do NOT sew.

I do have a sewing machine (thanks to my mom) but I barely know how to use it. So, if I make something that involves needles and thread--it is the most elementary of projects that most likely a 5 year old could do with ease.

Just to clarify ;)

Anyway, I made this exactly how you make them from paper, as seen at the '07 Stampin' Up! convention and at this tutorial. Instead of paper, I used ribbon. Instead of brads/glue dots, I used needle and thread. Just build your bow one ribbon at a time.

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Kathy W said...

love the way your brain thinks of these ideas- too clever