my family

I took some pictures of my kids today. The little ones change so fast!

Avery shows us her pretty smile all the time these days :)
She is five months this week! Where does the time go???

Regan is such a daddy's girl. . .of course Dad wouldn't have it any other way!

I love this one :)

One would never know that she was asking me (after prompting from her dad):

"Mom, do you like horse apples? Eeeeeewwwww!"

We were at an apple orchard at the time.

"Mom, some dogs really like dog apples, hua."

Thank you my darling husband. . .

Um, disgusting! Let's talk about something else. . .

Like how cute my baby is in the Baby Bijorn tucked into my sweatshirt. . .taking a snooze.

Sweet baby girl!


Anonymous said...

Adorable family! Your oldest daughter has your eyes, but her dad's mouth set. adorable. ENJOY them -- they grow so fast! (and it looks like you are doing a good job of enjoying them). On another note, I LOVE YOUR WORK! Brenda

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Oh my gosh -- this is the baby you were pregnant with when we were in Birch Run -- how FUN to see!!! And what a beautiful family you have!!!! I'm so glad I stopped in and got to see these fun pics!!! Thanks!!! (I came to see your treat box -- GREAT project)!!!

Tiffany Bauer said...

What a sweet family Robin!!! I love seeing all the pictures of your adorable girls and your great husband. Thanks for sharing these awesome pics with us!!!

Jennifer Orbaker said...

What a beautiful family!!! Can't believe how big your baby is getting!!!

Emma F said...

Aww, Robin these pics of the littlies are gorgeous! What a fun day you had :)

Love the treat box too ... love that pattern.

Lynn said...

OMG these are darling pictures of your beautiful family!