Perpetual Chaos

Well, I have said before. . . I will get this cleaned up and then take pictures for you. Or in this case, I will just skip the clean up part and take pictures for you! Seriously. . .I had it so nice and clean for my open house! Then of course there was work to be done. *Sigh* I guess it is better to show you how it looks most of the time, rather than how it looks once a year ;)

This is the view when you come up the stairs. I work in a nook off of the hallway. My husband *HATES* that there isn't a door that can be closed! And if I am not careful (which is most of the time) I can work my way out to the hall. . . oops! All cabinetry is from IKEA (I believe it is the Effektiv line? correct me if I am wrong. I could look it up, but I need to get stamping!).
Here is my messy desk, with stamp cabinets above. I really do know where everything is! I love having the window right by my table, but I have to be careful not to leave the shades open unless I am working. Things tend to fade. . .
Retired on the top, current on the bottom. . .these need organization *badly*
Difficult to see, but I have a file cabinet (also IKEA) under my table for punches/necessities/filed paperwork/etc. I also have a rack on the wall for my paper cutter and scrubbie. A chair at the end in case one of my friends/customers wants to stamp with me. Or to just hold bags of stuff :)
I have the DVD holders from IKEA holding my ink. The little stickers from the catalog are on all the ink pads, and on the holder also. LOVE the labels!
I have my ribbon in the rain gutter endcaps that nest together, as seen on splitcoast. I like them because they telescope, and I can make it short/long as needed. . .
Apparently one of the punches is on my desk, because there is *no* room in this drawer if they are all put away. . .like they are ever "all put away"?
The paper in the files approach keeps me sane. I can't fit all of my new packages in there so they are kept separately. I would post more pictures of the inside of the cabinets, but this post is huge already. . .Anyway, there it is :) My stampin' space in all its messy glory. I am thankful to have a place I can work and keep it out if I need to.

Even if it is just off the hallway!

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