Double Whammy

My daughter has *two* birthday parties today!

I can post this first present. . . as the little girl's mom doesn't have internet access at home currently. (I don't know about you, but that makes me break out in a cold sweat just typing it.)
I made her daughter a little personalized (provocraft) tin with Bali Breeze DSP. Which you may know by now, that I crazy in love with. And I used the last of it making this. . .so time to place an order apparently!

It is difficult to see, but the little brad is from the fire rhinestone brads (pumpkin). I cut the prongs off, and sunk the head of the brad into the little white punched flower (from the three for you punch box)--which is covered in Crystal Effects.

The on-board letter is covered in teal dsp, with some gel pen dots for detail. . .which did *not* like Modpodge, btw. Be very careful if doing this. . . and I was just able to stop before it looked really muddy. . .I probably will try not to do that again. . .but it is so cute!

I really had a hard time not putting some more bling on this! I figured that was the safest little piece, and anything else was going to fall off or look dingy with use later. . .so I had to resist.

The recipient of this gift is five years old :) That being said, if it can't be washed and sanitized without ruining it--her mom is going to put it in the closet as a keepsake! (the horror!) So, in an effort to circumvent this, I put a ridiculous amount of ModPodge on it.

I would have to check to be sure, but I actually think this tin is bulletproof.

At the very least, you could probably run it thru the dishwasher. (Please don't try this, Erin!)

Now--I know that ribbon gets dirty. But it can also be removed! If not rinsed clean in the sink if necessary, than at least replaced eventually. . .right? So I figured I was safe with this part :)

There is a bit of fray check on the ends of each, so they will stay nice for as long as possible.

When wrapping the outside with DSP, twelve inches is not enough. . .so I covered the seams with these punched flowers. . .I used both the 5-petal, and Boho Flower punch.
I loooove this tin!
And so does my daughter--so I have some work to do before her birthday :)
I will post the other tin (which uses the Summer Picnic papers--my other new best friend!), after the birthday party is over. Her mommy is online all the time, so I don't want to ruin the surprise of what it looks like!
Have a great Saturday!


Sharon Graham said...

OMG this is wonderful. You've done a great job with all the special touches and the bulletproof modgepodge sounds perfect. The recipient is going to totally love it! Good luck with the birthday parties today.

Marilyn said...

This tin turned out darling! I love this paper too - and I have almost used it all up - the colors are so fun! Have fun at all the b-day parties - I know your gift will be the big hit!

Jana Emmert said...

This is so cute! What a lucky little girl. If she has a big brother, don't mention that it's bulletproof! I can just imagine how many ways that might get tested! LOL

louise said...

Awesome tin, very 5 yr old proof I would say. You made a fantastic job and thanks alot for sharing your masterpiece.

Becky Dustin said...

This is absolutely adorable...I'm gonna pull a tin out of my stash and make one for my daughter. I love the thoughtfullness of the modge podge and the ribbon touches. It is truly something to be used, not just put on a shelf!!!

3dotsforme said...

Too bad my daughter only gets invited to the boys parties!