Easter Festivities

I do so enjoy a good bout of Easter Egg Decorating :)
We always have to boil up a few extra so Mom can play, too. Dad did one, but then he was over it. How can you resist all the little cups of dye???
I have to leave them in for a while to get them nice and dark. . .

Which can be difficult, when accompanied by a five year old.

She did at one point have to explain to her dad. . . "This is my egg, and I can do it however I want." Oooookay! Maybe that is why dad backed off!

Don't mess with my kid's eggs, man. She will put you in your place ;)

What mom has perfected? The art of "distraction".

Quick, give her some stickers and a dry egg. . . . Then the others can sit in the dye for five minutes while she plasters stickers over every square centimeter of the one she has. It works.

She went thru that whole sheet of stickers. On three eggs.

But, Mom's eggs were nice and brightly colored--Everybody wins! Except Dad is now in watching March Madness. . . Okay, so he win's too. . .because that is probably what he wanted to do in the first place :)

Hope you had a great Easter Sunday!

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