Founders Circle Day 1 part 2 . . .

Okay, so I can't wait to show you this :)

Is this not the cutest thing ever! It is my name in vinyl!

and my gorgeous room with two beds. . .I am going to have to flip a coin :)

We played a little game and got a free stamp set!

They did put the baby bed in here *sniffle*. . .and everyone was asking where she was. They even had this super cute little onsie made for her! SU is so awesome :)

Dad, Regan, and Avery. . .I miss you !


jennifer Arnold-Woodman said...


The onesie is adorable. How cool is that they give you a gift for her too! I love the pics you have posted. Makes me so want to have a stampin' weekend getaway. I was just thinking about that stamp set too :) Have fun tonight. I will be checking out your blog tomorrow.


Kathy W said...

wow-tfs! I hope you and Tiffany have a blast.