Guess What??

I am going to flood my blog with posts today. . . but don't worry-it is only because this is my first day back to blogging since the baby was born :) But I *have* to tell you my big news!

I am going to St George, Utah!!!

Why, you might ask? Because I won an award called Rising Star!

*insert me passing out, and then picking myself back up off the floor*

Here are some of the goodies Stampin' Up! has been sending me to make me feel like a rock star:

Check out that bag! Pink leather baby :)

There is a leather travel wallet, with some super cute luggage tags (that look kinda washed out with the lighting-sorry!), my itinerary for the all expenses paid trip, and a pin for my apron. . .

Love it!

The bag is embossed! It is so gorgeous!

They are also going to send me a Tiffany necklace??? I have *never* had anything from Tiffany before! Someone slap me, because this can not be really happening!

In case you were wondering what Rising Star is, I looked it up in my demo manual. . .

It is awarded to the top 15 first year demonstrators in the United States(I believe three win in Canada) for a balanced approach to their business. There is a point system, which I won't bore you with. . . but how awesome that I am going to Utah! Especially since I didn't get to go to Convention this year. If you don't remember why, refer to the post below this one! ;)

I am so excited!

My upline and good friend called me from Convention to tell me the news. . . I still have the voicemail on my phone. I can't bear to delete it :) I was just sitting there listening to the message, and tears were streaming down my face (okay, I just had a kid so I can't handle excitement without crying :).

My husband looked at me like I was crazy, "Are you crying?!?!?"

He so doesn't get it :)

Or at least didn't until I told him I was 13th in the country and got a free trip amongst other fabulous prizes! I should have told him to equate it to winning on The Price is Right. . .

Don't tell him I told you, but he loves that show.

Speaking of fabulous things. . . my upline also brought me all kindsa fabulous presents from convention as a congratulations gift! Here is the project tote:

I have been using that baby since I got it. . .it is the perfect size! The pattern on the inside is from our Maine Blueberry Designer Series Paper. . .so gorgeous!

And here is the Bella Rose Apron:

How Lovely! She also brought me the Statement of the Heart Stamp, that has the 20 year charm on it. Thank you again, Jen! You are the best!

Anyhoo. . .I am all done talking about me. I just wanted to share some of my excitement with you! (as you can see, I have been yelling thru this entire post ;) I leave a week from Wednesday, and plan on sharing my trip with you if you are interested. . .I will post the details here.


Crystal said...

WHAT?!?! And you were asking me for business advice?? Are you kidding! Congrats to you! What a fabulous thing to happen, you are my inspiration!

PS I've been missing your blog posts!

Jana Emmert said...

Whoohoo!! Robin's back! I'm so glad you are going to be posting again. Congrats on your award and convention goodies!

Laura Brown said...

Not sure if you will remember me - I'm a sister from Blog Roll #2. I've missed your posts and was thrilled to see all of them stacked on here today.

Just thought I'd comment on this one with a great big WOOT TO YOU, GIRL!! Congrats and I am green with envy over that Pink Bag!!!

Marilyn Goodrich said...

Woohoo on your Rising Star award! Please excuse my drool as I look at that gorgeous pink leather bag!! That thing is FAB-U-LOUS!! I'm so glad to see you back in the blogging world.

Kathy W said...

congrats! glad to be able to see your projects again we missed you. hope the baby is doing well!

Andy said...

Congratulations on EVERYTHING!!! {The BABY First, then this!} WOW!! I have missed your blogging! Welcome Back!! :)

Nancy said...

Congratulations on earning the Rising Star Award!!! I have enjoyed visiting your blog this year. Blessings to you and your family on your new little bundle of joy!

mousekemom said...

Congrats! I'm not a demo and I am very jealous. Can't wait to hear about your fun. Love reading your blog and glad you are back.