Founder's Circle day 4 part 1

What an awesome day!

It began with some serious sleeping in :) I have been on vacation, but have been up by 6am every day as well as being up late. . .*yawn*. . . kinda like right now!

Anyhoo, when I finally did get downstairs I did my make and takes with Shelli finishing her swaps. . .It was weird stamping with her across the table from me! Not an everyday experience, ya' know???

I later did some stamping with some other stampers you may recognize. . . See anyone familiar?

Btw, Glenda. . .you are the best. Thank you so much for all you did to make that Zion trip happen, and for keeping an eye on us newbies! It was a pleasure to meet you.

Later that afternoon it was quick getting ready so we could go to our special dinner, which turned out to be at Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club--also where High School Musical 2 was filmed :)

Wow! Such a spectacular setting. . .

Here is a picture of the clubhouse:

We had our group picture taken on the steps on the back side of the clubhouse, which SU is going to send me.

They had a big movie screen set up, and a sea of black chairs, and my final treat from Founder's Circle. . .

a Pirouette Pink chenille throw!

Unfortunately I have negative amounts of space in my suitcase, so this is going to be traveling with me to be used as a pillow on the airplane :)

This is about the seventh picture taken with Shelli, and I actually like this one! It was pretty funny, and I think she was laughing at me in this picture. . .but hey, I don't want to put a bad picture on my blog! It was only a matter of time before I got one that I was happy with, right?!?

Honestly, all the nice things they say about Shelli are true. She really is that nice, and just a very genuine person. Thanks so much for the experience, Shelli! Hope to stamp with you again soon :)

So, we dined alfresco on a caprese salad appetizer, leafy salad, and pizza. . .which pretty much means we had pizza and salad outside :) Some girl time with a chick flick and a comfy blanket!

Popcorn was served in rolled up Parisan Summer DSP, but by the time I got mine it was too dark to take a picture. . .so I will have to hijack one from another blog so I can show you how cute it was! We had fun, and now I am exhausted and need to pack. I have to be on a bus at 6am for Vegas. . .Yikes!

And last but not least-as promised:

Hi Sweetheart!!!

I am so excited to give you a big hug! Can't wait to get home and see my girls :)


Kathy W said...

thanks for posting everyday, look forward to getting news and the cool stuff you guys got!

Lorien Clark said...

It looks like she is feeling you up. Just kidding! I have to mess with you, right?

Robin said...

Now I am going to have to crop that picture! Yikes!

mousekemom said...

That looks amazing! You are really making me want to join up...LOL! Ooooh, to beg hubby to fork over the cash to start up.

Emma F said...

Wowser, what an absolutely wonderful experience ... and justly deserved by you I might add. Well done you clever thing! I'm so happy for you!