Founders Circle Day 1 part 1!

I made it!
And it is already super fun!

So, I am in my room and have to "pump" (you babies' mommas know what I mean ;) so I thought I would make the time go faster by sharing my kewl pictures. . .

I found Tiffany (who is a fellow rising star-#1-go girl!) at the Vegas airport. . . this is us riding to St George, Utah on the shuttle bus. . .lots of time to chat with the other demos, too!

The super cute Hospitality room, done in pink pirouette accents!

and the Treat Buffet!! So yummy. . .

They had super cute tags on everything, too! In my next post, I will show you the awesome door tag that was on my hotel room, as well as some pictures from dinner tonight. . .

And my free stamp set! Woot!

I will be back later :)


Marilyn said...

OOH - how fun to meet Tiffany!! She is so sweet!! Loved the picture of yall together - thanks for sharing all of the pictures!! Sounds like TOO much fun!!

KJ said...

OMG! Tiffany is my upline and my best friend!!! I'm so glad you got to meet her, she's the GREATEST!!!

Megan said...

I have been loving reading through all your founders trip stuff! My upline was alos there as a Rising Star...her name is Ashley...anyway, I am really working hard to try and earn it this year, so seeing all your pictures has reminded me what I want and ispired me to get busy again!

Can I ask what you did? As far as earning it. :) Any advice I can get that will help out is great! :)

Thanks again for sharing! :)