Founders Circle Day 3 part 1

More bed candy!

I think when I get home, if my hubby doesn't leave me little presents on my pillow I am going to feel unappreciated . . .

Okay, so maybe I should be leaving them on *his* pillow, because he is the one at home with the kids so I can be here :) But I don't think he would enjoy them half as much as I have been this week. . .

This first picture is a little fuzzy, but I was in such a hurry to get it open that I only took one. Sorry!

SU knows how to make a girl feel special, I can tell you that!

My initial in chipboard with pink ink and lotsa glitter :)

As if I didn't love this pink pirouette ribbon before!

Every time I look at it I am going to think of presents, and this trip. I will have to tie a piece to my keychain so I can remember every day how awesome this whole experience has been.

And my initial with pink paper and lotsa silver glitter! On a fabulous link necklace!

Shelli was wearing one the other day, and I noticed how awesome it was . . .little did I know :)

The top glass is beveled, as you can see. These were definitely made just for us! This baby has some weight to it, too.

I noticed I hadn't posted my name badge yet. . .It is in a folded wallet, with a clear pocket in the front. All the '08 rising stars had a little yellow star next to their name.

I hope you are enjoying these pictures! Some of you have mentioned that it is nice to see "what's up" over here, and I figure my girls back home for sure want to know ;) I really had no expectations-simply because I had no idea what founder's circle was.

I am overwhelmed, and just so thankful! What an amazing experience!

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