Founders circle Day 1 part 3!

So, I was too tired last night to tell you about dinner!
We had a wonderful room full of beautiful tables. . .pink pirouette, black and white everywhere :) And something totally unexpected and so awesome happened.

A small group of us were sitting down, and there were three empty seats at our table. In walks Shelli and her mom, and just take a seat right there! I had the best time! We were talking babies and family, etc, and her mom is just the sweetest thing :)

I think Tiffany got a picture of all of us together. . .if so I will post it when I get a copy!
Here is our very tasty pudding and fresh fruit dessert:

and of course, the best dessert of all was back in my room! Is this travel bag not adorable!

Loaded with goodies for our make and takes! I will most likely make these tomorrow.

I will be back later to tell you all about my trip to Zion National Park :)

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