Founders Circle Day 2 part 1

Mmmmmm. . . . bed candy!

Apparently, one of SU!'s favorite things to do is leave you little surprises in your room. Here you see the new pink pirouette wallet to match my founders purse!

And we got extra presents at the pj party! (As if swapping with 120+ women wasn't present enough. . .Holy lots of cards!) We received beautiful journals with matching pens!

Here is a picture of the lovely make and takes we will be doing (I haven't had a chance to stamp mine yet. . .). I will take some closer pictures when I have my own projects made.

Last but not least, a picture of where I spent most of the day. . .Mt Zion national park:

It was so gorgeous! A group of us took a shuttle to the park. It was about a 45 minute drive. I had an awesome day! And now I am going to crash :) 8am I am out the door to see Kanab!

I will share more tomorrow!


April said...

hi robin,
I'm stalking your blog while you are at founder's circle. I had to miss the trip this year and I am loving the photos you are posting..... Just a little jealous I don't have a pink
wallet to match my pink purse. LOL! I hope you are having a blast! By the way, you met my downline, Christie Daughtery the first day & she told me to check out your blog. Luvin' it!!!

Sandra said...

Congrats on making Founders Circle! It looks like you are all being spoiled rotten...which is great!