I'm HERE!!!

in sunny Colorado. . .

It is really late, and I am up posting to my blog because: CHECK IN TIME IS IN T-MINUS 6 HOURS AND 41 MINUTES!!! Convention Baby!

I have my bag all packed for the morning, and I can't decide what to wear. . . but I will be there!

My friends Kelly and Peter took me to the Renaissance Festival today (thanks you guys!) and I appear to have been transformed into. . . .

A Wench :)

An Inky Wench . . .

as I am going to wear the blouse and bodice to the convention on Tuesday! Jen is going to borrow Kelly's new digs also. . .therefore making us "Inky Wenches". Who knows, maybe we will make it to the website!!! I of course had to buy Regan a mini-wench outfit. . .pictures will be posted when I get home and immediately put it on her!

This *will* be the name of my future stamping group :) When I eventually bring some stamp-loving girls to the dark side with me. . . .mwahahahah!

I will be sure to check in tomorrow, as the pictures from Pajama-Stamparama will be a must see! Hope you all had a great weekend.

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