Check In Day :)

Jen in the back as we are on the way to the convention center!!! Yay! Thanks, Jer, for giving us a ride :) and letting us stay, and. . .well everything else! You are the best!

Can you believe we are actually here and it is Convention and we are actually HERE AT CONVENTION!!!!

First stop. . .memento mall! I have to get those ribbon charms before they are gone :) And a few other things. . . .okay, so a lot of other things! At this point, I commence swapping my patootie off, and having a blast! There are over 2,000 men and women here to attend this event. . . and I only made 200 swaps. . .ummm, what was I thinking?!?!? Next time, it will be 500 at least. Some great ideas, though!! Lots to bring home for classes.

We went to lunch at an awesome little deli that had the best food!

So very yummy. . .Mounted our stamps for our Make and Take party tonight, a.k.a:


I was wandering around in my PJ's at 4pm in anticipation! (it started at 6pm, but I could *not* wait that long to get into my new jammies. . .

Yummy stamping treats. . .with little clouds on them. . .awwww!

Stamping our keesters off. Tons of projects, that I will be *running* home with to make with my stampers. (Wait until you make these you guys! You are going to love this stuff!) Lots of door prizes (that I didn't win) and games (that I didn't get to play :) so there was a lot going on! I was assured that door prizes are given away the entire week, so maybe I will win something awesome! Wish me luck!

Super cute scrapbook page, with a picture that Stampin' Up! took for us. So fun, and so easy! I love this project, and will probably make one for my daughter's book with some of the leftover supplies.

Okay. . .it is really late! I couldn't leave you hanging tho' :) I will post again tomorrow evening when I get back to the house. G'nite. . .


Shannon said...

I am so jealous of ya... I wanted to be at convention so bad this year... oh well lol...

btw... my real blog is here- http://whimsicalchaos.wordpress.com I moved from blogger to WP...

N. said...

Hi Robin - thanks for all the great photos and comments...Glad you are having SO much fun! I will send positive thoughts your way for those door prizes!! ;-)