New Goodies for Meeeee!

I was watching the front porch all day. . .

Waiting for my new goodies. . .
(The new crop-a-dile, textured 12x12 paper, and gift notes)

and now they are finally here!!!
These ribbon originals are awesome. . .shown are beachfront, sherbet,
and fairy tale (you know I had to have the fairy tale one :)

And they are as gorgeous as they appear to be. . .
(I wasn't sure how taffeta would be, but it is so elegant!)

and even look at these gaw-jus doodads!

This paper is so beautiful! It makes me want more paper :)
I had a seriously difficult time deciding where to start in that arena. . .

Ooooooh, look at the tools!
(my hubby says I am in it for the tools. . . )

Some new hostess sets, and totally tabs *yay*

And a bazillion stamps to mount for next Saturday!!!

All my goodies. . .I feel guilty sitting here blogging this and not
being in my workspace with all this stamping goodness!

And last but not least. . .

A second round of free sets from Stampin' Up for achieving my Stampin' Start goals!!!
I picked Wonderful Favorites, Jumbo Outline Alpha, Define your Life, and Defining Alphabet.

My customers are the best!!! I couldn't have made that goal without you. . .
Thanks for loving stamping, and making my job easy :)

I should have some new cards for you soon, considering
all these new goodies! I want to go and cuddle with my new toys now :)

Have a fabulous weekend!


Tiffany said...

Oh My Gosh!!!!! Look at all of this cool stuff! Are you a demo? I am thinking of joining- I do stamp enough that it would save me money??????
Enjoy your goodies!
Tiffany D.
BLog candy this Friday!

Robin said...

Yes, I am a demo :)

It is pretty awesome, so you should do it! I would be happy to chat with you about the details. You can email me at

Lorien Clark said...

Hey Robin!

Look at all those goodies! I've only placed a small order so far... Hopefully a bigger one soon. You didn't have double line doodles? We got that at the Lansing regional last year. Crystal hates hers. Especially that bird. She probably would've traded you!