Okay, so I have been "tagged" for the first time. . .

for those of us who really had no idea what that meant (me), it means I now have to answer the questions and then tag others who then have to answer the questions :) Someone tagged me! I didn't know anyone actually read my blog. . . . thanks to Marie for letting me play along :)

Well, here goes. Seven random things about myself. . .

1. I am an avid reader. Particularly Sci-Fi or Fantasy. If it has dragons and magic-wielders or vampires I LOVE IT.

2. When I was 18 I dyed my hair jet black for a part in a play. It took three years to grow out entirely (because I refused to have short hair), and couldn't be camouflaged at all because it was so dark. I looked pretty silly :)

3. Before I was married, I was a Firefighter/EMT with a small town department, I worked at a 911 center for three years, and I have also had a job in a piano bar on the weekends where I would dance and occasionally sing. True Story.

4. I love to plant in my gardens. If I bring anything green in the house it will die *but* if it is anything I can plant in the ground it will flourish for whatever reason. I think it might just be my yard. If I move, I am in serious trouble.

5. I am entirely serious about my stamping business. Some people don't realize, or make comments about how I am so busy but "I don't have a job". I have a job! I love my job! Yes, it could just be a hobby thing. But it isn't. I am so glad!

6. A friend and I packed our cars and moved to Denver when we were 19. We bought CB radios so we could talk to each other, as cellphones were not nearly as affordable back then. (she had a dash mount carphone! I however did NOT :) The truckers were so helpful when we got lost!

7. My husband and I were engaged on the Lake Superior Pictured Rocks National lakeshore in April of 2000. To be specific, he was on one knee at Chapel Rock. It was a beautiful setting for a beautiful moment :)

OOOOkay. . . .now on to tagging two people :) I only really know two girls who are bloggers, so I will just tag them! I am supposed to do seven, but I don't know who else to do. So, two it is!



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