Class Extravaganza today. . . .

Okay, I am officially home. . .because:

Stamp camp last night, and again tonight! Woot!

Also, pottery class today. . .here are some pictures from that. . .

Paulette did a demonstration on whistles today. . .LOVED it :)

You start with a pinch pot-
Then you close it up. . .

Then you make the "whistler" for lack of a better way to put it :)
And you get fab whistles! My whistle is not pictured here, these are student whistles. Mine is a big daddy toad, and I will take a picture when it is finished. . . and post it of course :)

This happens to be Paulette's speciality (instruments) and I love being able to learn from her, as well as help others learn kewl things :) Yay for pottery! I will soon have some pictures uploaded of my newest clay creations. . .when I have some sun to take some nice pictures in. . .oh yeah, I live in Michigan . . .no sun!

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