Trip to PA

Just thought I would update some of you who might be interested in one of the highlights of my trip to PA :) I am somewhat of a shutterbug, so I always have an abundance of pictures! Here are some from our trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. . .

Here is a view of the Aquarium over the water. . .The place is *huge*

Daddy and his girl walking the Inner Harbor boardwalk while we waited 1.5hrs just to get IN THE DOOR. (note to self: buy tickets online next time and pay the extra six bucks. . .)

Regan *mesmerized* by some brook trout that are in the entryway.

This theme continues thru the entire visit :)

Daddy's favorite part: The shark tank. A little crazy, being that up close and personal to something that would happily eat you. The top of that tank was NOT open :)

Regan's favorite part: The dolphin show. . .*big* surprise

This frog could comfortably perch on my thumbnail! This was mom's favorite part :) They had an entire exhibit dedicated to frogs. Some pretty interesting looking fellows!

And lastly, ascending to the rainforest
(how many people can say they have ridden an escalator to the rainforest???)

This was an incredible place, and *very* cool to take a four year old. Nothing quite like the wonder on a little person's face when they are watching dolphins soar thru the air!

Now I am off to get my cards done for this weekend's class. . . I need to get caught up!

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