Convention Day 4

Here is my nifty name tag :) I am going to keep this for my scrapbook!

I don't have to get up early tomorrow, so I have taken a bunch of pictures of some of the things I got to make over the course of the week. . . Here are some of the make and takes from the PJ party:

We are making this tin in a class as *soon* as I can get info out! This was so quick and easy (and of course gorgeous!). . .plus some cards for the inside and you have an awesome gift for someone (or for yourself!). I can't wait to make this with you guys!

Coloring chipboard with craft ink, and using the happiness background to its best advantage. Both things I can easily show you when I get home :) Yay!

Some textured cardstock and the Build a Flower Accents and Elements kit on this one.

We used the build a brad kit a couple of times in our make and takes, and the powers that be *assured* us that it would be ready for purchase soon. As will the scallop punch. I am really glad Stampin' Up! is policing the quality of the new products! I would much rather not sell it until it is ready, than have a bunch of unhappy stampers on my hands :)

The buzz I heard is that the scallop punch test punches worked beautifully, then once the supplier started mass producing them the quality dropped. They are replacing the ones that have already been sold and are making sure the new ones are up to our high standards.

Today, I was at a watercolor class. . . and just so everyone can see; this is what is on the table when a demo gets to a class! No neatly piled cardstock, or sorted supplies. . . a tub full of stuff, and ready set start! Seriously, it was not a big deal (they have over 2,000 demonstrators here this week, plus that many last week!) as they have classes all day in this room. I just thought it was kinda funny :)

I was going to upload the watercolor cards, but they photographed terribly, so I will do them again tomorrow if I get a chance. However, I WILL show you a picture of what I won today!!!

I was beginning to think I wouldn't win anything, and wham! I won a huge prize! We had wristbands that we received with our bag on check-in day. Periodically they would give stuff away according to your wristband design. I won this pile of supplies from the PJ party!!!

They split up all the stuff we used that first night and gave it all away. All said, there is the Sanded Background stamp, the lower case monogram C, and a ton of ink pads (two c.chip, s.sand, r.rust, w.wasabi, r.rock, craft, and versamark) for a grand total of $80.40 in merchandise! paid shipping/tax it would have been 93.65! What a great prize! I had not really had time to figure that out until right at this moment, so I am pretty much thrilled with this turn of events :)

Now that I am thinking about it . . . .

For the whole week this is what I got:

Wanted (22.95)
Fun and Fast Notes (30.95)
Happiness (17.95)
Accents and Elements: Build a Flower (10.95)
(Total: 82.80 in merchandise)

A really nice 12x12 bag w/ a spot for a scrapbook page insert ($?)
A bunch of materials (paper, pretties, brads/eyelets/adhesive/etc) ($?)

The stuff I won today as seen above ($80.40)

How awesome is that?!?!?

I am off to bed. . .talk more tomorrow!

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N. said...

Hey Robin
I couldn't read all the details of your most recent post because we are leaving in one hour for MN... still prepping.

But I would love to do a tin and do something with chipboard at one of your classes! The pictures are so cool.... and so are you.

Have fun giving hugs and kisses to Regan when you return .... oh yes, probably Steve, too!! I know how much you must miss your family.

Thanks for all the photos and info!! Nancy