Convention, Day Three

Hi :) checking in with day three progress. . .

I have been learning so much these past few days. Honestly it will probably take me a couple of weeks to process all of this :) What a great problem to have! One of the demonstrations today, was on gift packaging. All of the boxes were originally card designs:

First the card. . .

Then the box!

I am kinda itching to get home, even though I know we have a bunch more stuff to learn tomorrow! I haven't been able to put anything into practice, and it is difficult to see so many awesome things and not be able to do much about it!

There are display boards all over with projects on them like this:

Also, after every class with demonstrations, they put the samples out on the display boards so we all can see up close. (not close enough! Next year I will be bringing my telephoto lens so I don't hurt my back bending over the dividers at the display boards!

A super cute 12x12 page from the display boards. . .

I am looking forward to seeing you all soon! I have some great ideas for my punch a bunch workshop using the "Three for You" Punch Box, from some things I have seen here at convention :) Yay for fun new ideas!!!

I must say. . .even with all the fun I am having, I am missing Regan. I made her a 3x3 card for every night I was planning on being gone, so she was sure to know I am thinking about her. Daddy has been putting them in her mailbox :)

Steve says the idea qualifies in the top three for "best ideas of all time", as she has been so excited for her little cards! Apparently, she came down the stairs with it today saying, "Daddy, I am so lucky!" Awwww! I love that! Moms--you know how it is! I need a hug from my girl :)

Well, tomorrow we are going to a watercoloring class! I am excited to see the fun projects we will be making there! It is awards night tomorrow night, so we won't be in until really late. Combined with the two hour time difference, you won't be reading anything from me tomorrow! I will be sure to update on Friday.

G'nite :)

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