Check In Day :)

Jen in the back as we are on the way to the convention center!!! Yay! Thanks, Jer, for giving us a ride :) and letting us stay, and. . .well everything else! You are the best!

Can you believe we are actually here and it is Convention and we are actually HERE AT CONVENTION!!!!

First stop. . .memento mall! I have to get those ribbon charms before they are gone :) And a few other things. . . .okay, so a lot of other things! At this point, I commence swapping my patootie off, and having a blast! There are over 2,000 men and women here to attend this event. . . and I only made 200 swaps. . .ummm, what was I thinking?!?!? Next time, it will be 500 at least. Some great ideas, though!! Lots to bring home for classes.

We went to lunch at an awesome little deli that had the best food!

So very yummy. . .Mounted our stamps for our Make and Take party tonight, a.k.a:


I was wandering around in my PJ's at 4pm in anticipation! (it started at 6pm, but I could *not* wait that long to get into my new jammies. . .

Yummy stamping treats. . .with little clouds on them. . .awwww!

Stamping our keesters off. Tons of projects, that I will be *running* home with to make with my stampers. (Wait until you make these you guys! You are going to love this stuff!) Lots of door prizes (that I didn't win) and games (that I didn't get to play :) so there was a lot going on! I was assured that door prizes are given away the entire week, so maybe I will win something awesome! Wish me luck!

Super cute scrapbook page, with a picture that Stampin' Up! took for us. So fun, and so easy! I love this project, and will probably make one for my daughter's book with some of the leftover supplies.

Okay. . .it is really late! I couldn't leave you hanging tho' :) I will post again tomorrow evening when I get back to the house. G'nite. . .


I'm HERE!!!

in sunny Colorado. . .

It is really late, and I am up posting to my blog because: CHECK IN TIME IS IN T-MINUS 6 HOURS AND 41 MINUTES!!! Convention Baby!

I have my bag all packed for the morning, and I can't decide what to wear. . . but I will be there!

My friends Kelly and Peter took me to the Renaissance Festival today (thanks you guys!) and I appear to have been transformed into. . . .

A Wench :)

An Inky Wench . . .

as I am going to wear the blouse and bodice to the convention on Tuesday! Jen is going to borrow Kelly's new digs also. . .therefore making us "Inky Wenches". Who knows, maybe we will make it to the website!!! I of course had to buy Regan a mini-wench outfit. . .pictures will be posted when I get home and immediately put it on her!

This *will* be the name of my future stamping group :) When I eventually bring some stamp-loving girls to the dark side with me. . . .mwahahahah!

I will be sure to check in tomorrow, as the pictures from Pajama-Stamparama will be a must see! Hope you all had a great weekend.


Feelin' Punchy

Here are some adorable 3x3's using the Punch Box and textured love notes! The love notes are free with the purchase of the Three for You punch box in August! The punch box is also what we will be using for my class in August. (getting you those love notes!)

The dates and times can be found in the "Label" Class Schedule to the left. Can't wait to play with these new toys!!! The R.S.V.P. date for this class is Monday the 6th, so don't miss it! If you wish to R.S.V.P. while I am gone, just send your check to me in the mail. Otherwise, you can call me on Sunday (5th) or Monday (6th).

I am leaving for convention tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen! Out of Detroit, and into Denver. . .Woot! Please stay tuned, as I will be posting pictures while on my adventure.


So Pretties!

My first attempt at dying a flower from the Pretties kit . . .
So fun!!! I pressed the flower into my Taken with Teal ink pad and voila!!!
Instant beautimus :) I did heat set the color so it would dry. The ribbon is our new 5/8in Old Olive, for faux leaves. I *heart* this big beautiful flower! Just another sneak peek at our projects for this Saturday (for those of us who can't wait! I have to share!)


Stamps: Double Line Doodle; Ink: Taken with Teal, Choc. Chip; Paper: W.White, O.Olive, C.Chip; Other Stuff: 1 3/8in and 1 1/4in circle punches, 5/8 O.Olive grograin, Pretties

I changed this picture, as I added some piercing to the corners of this card. It needed it, and I couldn't see it that at 2am :) So, no you aren't crazy! It is a new pic.

A couple of favorites. . .

These two pictures are my fav's from the ones I have taken this past week.

The first is from last night, when we got to see some brand new puppies! (Thanks Molly!) They were born on Tuesday, and are no bigger than my cupped hands. I had to force myself to put one down that was snuggled on his back in my hands dreaming of milk and mommy :)
Regan was in puppy lover's heaven!

The next is our feet.
In particular, our shoes!
We are getting a big kick out of our new matching shoes! Regan's are "cotton candy"and mine are "chocolate". . .can't beat that! This is my current desktop background, and it makes me smile every time I see it.
(Thank you, Grant! You are the best :)


It has been a busy week already!

Here is a little sneak peek at one of the cards we will be making this weekend at my Stamp-A-Stack. I love the flowers in this set! Such a fun style. . .here's the deets:

Stamps: Double line Doodles; Paper: M.Moss, R.Rose, A.Appeal, W.White;
Ink:B.Black, S.Saffron; Other Stuff: Key tag punch, Slot Punch, Cutter kit,
markers, Fairy Tale Ribbon Originals, silver brads, dimensionals

Looking forward to seeing my Stampin' Ladies this weekend!
Don't forget we are at St Paul's for the class. Feel free to bring a snack if you are used to getting something when we are at The Book Shoppe!


New Goodies for Meeeee!

I was watching the front porch all day. . .

Waiting for my new goodies. . .
(The new crop-a-dile, textured 12x12 paper, and gift notes)

and now they are finally here!!!
These ribbon originals are awesome. . .shown are beachfront, sherbet,
and fairy tale (you know I had to have the fairy tale one :)

And they are as gorgeous as they appear to be. . .
(I wasn't sure how taffeta would be, but it is so elegant!)

and even look at these gaw-jus doodads!

This paper is so beautiful! It makes me want more paper :)
I had a seriously difficult time deciding where to start in that arena. . .

Ooooooh, look at the tools!
(my hubby says I am in it for the tools. . . )

Some new hostess sets, and totally tabs *yay*

And a bazillion stamps to mount for next Saturday!!!

All my goodies. . .I feel guilty sitting here blogging this and not
being in my workspace with all this stamping goodness!

And last but not least. . .

A second round of free sets from Stampin' Up for achieving my Stampin' Start goals!!!
I picked Wonderful Favorites, Jumbo Outline Alpha, Define your Life, and Defining Alphabet.

My customers are the best!!! I couldn't have made that goal without you. . .
Thanks for loving stamping, and making my job easy :)

I should have some new cards for you soon, considering
all these new goodies! I want to go and cuddle with my new toys now :)

Have a fabulous weekend!


fun stamping times :)

Here is an uber cute 3x3 I made at Jen's (my upline) stamp party last night. I want to say this is Almost Amethyst and Lovely Lilac, but this wasn't my event so I didn't prepare anything (YAY!) and am not 100% sure without checking. The girls are sleeping upstairs and I won't disturb them. (gotta love nap time, especially when I have two extra in the house)

We were given a kit with paper and turned loose with a couple of stamp sets to choose from, and some ribbon colors/punches/etc. This uses taggers dozen, the oval punches, white grograin, paper piercing tool, and the corner rounder (not the new one) for the scallop border. Mr and Mrs are inked with an elegant eggplant marker so they jump out, and the & is inked in amethyst. Fun times! Thanks for having me at your shindig :)

a big girl moment

My little girl! On a tube with her Dad behind a pontoon boat! It was her first time, but she had a blast (we were crawling along, because she is only 4.5 :).

We went around once, and then Daddy asks himself, "What am I doing on here?? She is fine by herself."; and he dropped off the back so she could go alone! (the tube had a bottom in it, she was just sitting in the middle) He just waited for us to go around, and helped her back in the boat.
Mom is a bit of a worrier (I was entirely freaked out at first!) but she was a champ and loved every minute :) I am still wanting her to be my baby, but babies don't tube! *sob* What a big girl she is these days. . .


Okay, so I have been "tagged" for the first time. . .

for those of us who really had no idea what that meant (me), it means I now have to answer the questions and then tag others who then have to answer the questions :) Someone tagged me! I didn't know anyone actually read my blog. . . . thanks to Marie for letting me play along :)

Well, here goes. Seven random things about myself. . .

1. I am an avid reader. Particularly Sci-Fi or Fantasy. If it has dragons and magic-wielders or vampires I LOVE IT.

2. When I was 18 I dyed my hair jet black for a part in a play. It took three years to grow out entirely (because I refused to have short hair), and couldn't be camouflaged at all because it was so dark. I looked pretty silly :)

3. Before I was married, I was a Firefighter/EMT with a small town department, I worked at a 911 center for three years, and I have also had a job in a piano bar on the weekends where I would dance and occasionally sing. True Story.

4. I love to plant in my gardens. If I bring anything green in the house it will die *but* if it is anything I can plant in the ground it will flourish for whatever reason. I think it might just be my yard. If I move, I am in serious trouble.

5. I am entirely serious about my stamping business. Some people don't realize, or make comments about how I am so busy but "I don't have a job". I have a job! I love my job! Yes, it could just be a hobby thing. But it isn't. I am so glad!

6. A friend and I packed our cars and moved to Denver when we were 19. We bought CB radios so we could talk to each other, as cellphones were not nearly as affordable back then. (she had a dash mount carphone! I however did NOT :) The truckers were so helpful when we got lost!

7. My husband and I were engaged on the Lake Superior Pictured Rocks National lakeshore in April of 2000. To be specific, he was on one knee at Chapel Rock. It was a beautiful setting for a beautiful moment :)

OOOOkay. . . .now on to tagging two people :) I only really know two girls who are bloggers, so I will just tag them! I am supposed to do seven, but I don't know who else to do. So, two it is!



August Class Dates

Stamp Camp
When: Monday, August 6th, 6p-8p (Ithaca location tba)
When: Tuesday, August 7th, 6p-8p (Alma location: The Book Shoppe)
Cost: $10
R.S.V.P: by August 3rd

Come and make three cards, while learning some new techniques! Let me do all the hard work for you! All you need bring are scissors and adhesive. Please specify either the Alma or Ithaca location when you R.S.V.P. The cards will be the same, however you are welcome to come to both if you wish :)


When: Saturday, August 18th, 10am-1pm?
Cost: $60
R.S.V.P: by August 6th

This one is so exciting!!!!!! We are using the Three For You Punch box, and everyone is getting THIRTY 3x3 textured love notes for buying the box!!!!!! I can NOT believe how convenient this special from Stampin' Up! is for August :) Because of this sweet deal, we will be making 8 3x3's with the class. This is going to be a fun one!

You may be saying to yourself at the moment. . .Yikes that is alot for a class.

NOW HEAR THIS! If you were to purchase the punch box and a set of love notes from me it would cost 68.02 with tax and shipping! No, I am not kidding! You can do the math to double check. . .

45.95 (punch box)
12.95 (textured love notes w/envelopes)
5.49 (shipping)
3.63 (tax)


This class is an unbelievable deal! I hope you think so, too :) Aside from that, the love notes in the catalog are not textured. . .this is something special with the punch box for the month of August. I can not wait to plan these projects. I can just see some cute pretties and embellishments. . . .*rubbing my hands together*. . . . sorry if there was a lot of YELLING in this post, but I am kinda excited :)

I was thinking on this earlier today. . . .Which set to choose? I know I want to do a punch box class, but do I do it now or later? Well I guess now I know! Another reason why I don't pick my class supplies super early. . .you never know what awesome special SU! might have :)

You are welcome to R.S.V.P. for any of my classes at any time PRIOR to the R.S.V.P. date. As always, please bring scissors and adhesive with you. Class fee is due upon registration.

Hope to see you there, ladies! I am looking forward to these :)



Fun times :)

Stamp camp was a blast! We had some new faces, and it seemed to me everyone was having fun. Thanks for coming out :)

Here is my list of things to do today:

-take care of supplies from camp
-pick up my workspace
-plan two projects for the 21st
-go stamp with friends later (yay!)

Let's see if I can accomplish everything on my list! If I get it picked up in my work area, I will take a picture as proof. . .it was picked up a couple of days ago, but then I had work to do. It never lasts long!


Stamp Camp's a'comin. . .

Stamp camp in three more days! I am excited to get everyone together and stamp :)

Hopefully everyone likes the projects as much as I do! We are making this explosion box, as well as two other cards. All new Fall-Winter collection stamps to try! Here are the Deets:

Stamps:Pick a Petal, Curvy Verses, See you Around Jumbo wheel; Paper: Real Red, Basic Black, W.White; Ink: Real Red, Basic Black; Accessories: white grograin, circle punches, black brads, paper piercing tool, black marker

Don't forget we are at St Paul's Catholic Church! Please email me if you have any questions about how to get there. . .See you at 6pm on Tuesday if not before :)